Motor Fuel

Why Propane motor fuel?

  • Economics
    Improve your bottom line. A gallon of propane autogas generally costs 40 percent less than a gallon of gasoline. Switching to propane can save annually over traditional gasoline or diesel.

  • Enviroment Friendly
    Breath easier. Compared to gasoline and diesel engines, propane autogas produces less harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Propane motor fuel shrinks your environmental footprint with 70 percent fewer smog-producing hydrocarbons, 50 percent less carbon monoxide, 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, and 12 percent less carbon dioxide.

  • Performance
    Propane has the longest driving range of any alternative fuel option. Due to higher octane ratings and efficient combustion, propane autogas exhibits outstanding performance.

  • Domestic Production: Made In America
    There is abundant domestic supply of propane motor juel, thereby reducing U.S. reliance on imported fuels and creating American jobs. Long-term supply has been greatly increased due to recent advances in drilling techniques.

  • Safety
    Propane’s low working pressure, narrow flammability range, higher ignition temperature and rigorous testing make it a very safe alternative fuel.

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